Bisbee gets good water source

Bisbee was booming in 1902, the year it became an incorporated city.

To keep up with that boom, it needed more water — a perennial tale in the arid West — to supplement that which was being pulled from the Mule Gulch aquifer.

Water pumped from Naco to BisbeeIn a story that would be repeated so many times in the decades before and afterward, it got its need filled through a venture with Copper Queen Consolidate Mining Co. On June 21, the first day of summer, water was pumped from the well fields of Naco — still in use today — to a tank above the Spray shaft, on Queen Hill.

It was, as the Bisbee Daily Review touted in the lead column of its next issue, “a day of rejoicing.” For the brand-new city it meant not just more to drink, and the guarantee of continued mining, but the assurance of better fire protection.