Bisbee railroad announced, 1888

A new railroad into Bisbee, to reduce the cost of hauling in the likes of coke for the smelter, timber for the mines and goods for the rapidly expanding commercial district, and hauling out the ever-increasing amount of copper bullion produced in its mines, was announced by The Tombstone Epitaph on April 14, 1888.

“Its early completion an assured fact,” the subhead on the story said, adding that rumors were “flying in the air.” The Copper Queen’s desire for the railroad had been an “open secret” for more than a year.Railroad to Bisbee

Proof of the planned railroad came from the news that Ben Williams, superintendent of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. property, “says so.” the Epitaph said.
In addition, the story said, J.E. Durkee & Co., which had the Copper Queen contract for hauling supplies and product overland, had been notified of the plan and had thus halted planned improvements to the road on which they traveled, laying off 15 men.
“This much is positive,” the Epitaph added. (more…)