Small problem on railroad in Naco

Doing research on the three big floods that hit Bisbee in 1908, came across a minor item about a dust-up on a passenger train in Naco, Sonora, and, of course, as one thing tends to lead to another . . . .

Trouble at NacoThere was trouble in Naco, the Bisbee Daily Review reported in its Aug. 5, 1908 issue, as a conductor on the Yaqui River railroad put a troublemaker off the train and was arrested by a local cop for his effort.

Datelined the prior day, the story said that Victor Bennett, “a well-known passenger conductor” on the road, the full name of which was the Cananea, Yaqui River and
Pacific Railroad, was arrested by a Mexican police officer for putting a Mexican passenger, who refused to pay his fare, off the train.

“For a while there was much excitement over the arrest and it required the conciliatory efforts of Superintendent H.J. Temple of the Yaqui River railroad to keep Conductor
Bennett out of jail.” (more…)