Writing. History. Writing History

I have discovered — and not too late, I hope — that having too many interests is a curse.

There are few activities that give me the thrill of discovering more about this history of my region: Bisbee, Cochise County, the borderlands. Writing about it ensures that I am not just a casual browser of this information, a dilettante, as it were, but a researcher, one who asks all the important questions and discovers new stuff that he didn’t know he should even ask about.

And then shares it with a like-minded audience.

For the foreseeable future, that is what I anticipate will be my prime directive.

I am committed to some “work” that requires some of my time, but that’s okay, because much of that involves honing my marketing skills, which I need to achieve my own end, which is to make a living doing what I enjoy most.

Sometimes, I discover there simply isn’t enough information out there to understand what happened. Or to write in any detail what happened.

Thus, I am discovering another aspect of history is historical fiction. The research is just as challenging. For example, I had to move my character from Bisbee to Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora. In doing that, I had to understand the routing of trains at that time, and it wasn’t nearly what I thought it should be.

So, welcome to might website. It’s all about history. It links to other such sites and Facebook and other social media that are related. It is my goal to push out as much relevant material as possible on topics I love, contributing significantly to what is known and understood about the region.

If this is your interest as well, jump on and enjoy the ride! And let me hear from you.